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Wilkes County, North Carolina, "Grandfather Book"

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  • Title  Wilkes County, North Carolina, "Grandfather Book" 
    Short Title  North Carolina, Wilkes - Grandfather Book 
    Publisher  Wilkesboro, North Carolina: Wilkes County Courthouse 
    Repository  Court: Wilkes County, North Carolina Courthouse 
    Source ID  S998 
    Linked to  Marcus Leander Gilreath
    Ambrose "Enzer" Hendren
    Edward Bunyon Hendren
    Jehu "Jones" Hendren
    John E. Hendren
    William Edward Hendren 

  •  Notes 
    • Comments from George McNiel of Wilkesboro, North Carolina:
      "An amendment to the NC constitution in 1900 provided that all persons must be able to read and write before being allowed to register to vote. However any person who was qualified to vote before 1867 or whose ancestor was qualified to vote prior to 1867, did not have to prove his ability to read and write if he registered before December 1, 1908. Between 1902 and 1906 some 6746 residents of Wilkes County registered, with most giving the name of a father or grandfather. A bound registration book, organized by township, lists the name and age of each person who registered to vote, together with the name of the male director ancestor, the State in which the ancestor was qualified to vote, and the date of the application. this permanent registration book became known as the Grandfather Book, and the book for Wilkes County is located in the Office of Register of Deeds, Wilkesboro, NC. Our publication presents all data shown in three different formats, 1) the original sequence by township, 2) alphabetically by voter, and 3) alphabetically by ancestor. 1999, 332 pages, $35."